Spirit Dolls

Spirit Dolls

The spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar and beloved to many cultures around the world. Making a spirit doll is engaging in the art of healing and enchantment – to weave life and love into a creation by making something solely by hand with materials from nature.

By engaging in these ancestral crafts we weave a bridge back to our own great grandmothers who I believe send blessings to us and to the doll herself before she travels on to do her work with those who need her.


I am passionate about embracing and honoring these folk magic handcrafts of our grandmothers that have been forgotten or worse still, been misunderstood.

Spirit dolls carry special meaning and significance. They are a personal talisman that can be used on your life’s journey to guide, inspire and heal.

Sangoma Mudda

So you're struggling in life and can't figure out what to do. Regardless of what your answer is to this question, am here to help you through it all.

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