Spell To Lose Weight Fast

Spell To Lose Weight Fast

Spell to lose weight fast: IT’s the season of dieting. Every season seems to be losing weight season– as summer approaches we want to get our swimsuit bodies back, in the fall we want to take off those summer pounds. It never ends!

Also, a proper weight loss spell is never a “one time” thing. If you’re expecting someone to mutter a few magic words over a cauldron and – BAM! – you’re thin again, you’re going to be disappointed.

When I perform a weight loss spell on behalf of a client, there are three stages.

Firstly there’s the initial spell casting. This casting usually brings to light information about the client that might be used later to further enhance the weight loss.

After the initial casting, I ask my clients to perform a simple Weight Loss Ritual to reinforce the spell, keep it alive, and make it stronger. This only needs to be performed a couple of times a week, but it’s not ‘optional’ – it DOES need to be done.

Fortunately the weight loss ritual is very simple; no repeating of “magic words”, no dancing naked under a full moon – nothing weird! Clients usually start to “feel different” from the very first time they do it, as their body moves into a “healing” phase.

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Finally, using any information that came to light during the casting, I recommend subtle changes to the client’s lifestyle – things that have, until now, been preventing the body from losing excess weight.

These recommendation are personalized and are sometimes quite surprising. For instance, I have yet to tell a client that they’re “eating too much”, and have often told a client that whatever diet they have been following is actually having the opposite effect.

If a client follows my advice and performs the ritual properly, they can expect to lose two to five pounds each week, every week, for as long as they need. This is a normal healthy rate of weight loss.

A side benefit of the spell is that other health issues often clear up too; diabetes, acid reflux, insomnia, bad skin… the list goes on.

Spell to lose weight fast Kit Includes FREE witch diet tips. Weight Loss Spell Kit The craft of the wise. Created by an experienced and wise eclectic witch with healthy blessings and intentions.

Looking to loose a few excess pounds and excess weight? No previous experience required. The kit has all you need, the only thing it is waiting for is YOU. Would also make a wonderful little gift. The kit contains the following: A corresponding white candle anointed by myself with silver flakes and weight loss drawing herbs and oils.

A detailed A4 sheet of instructions in a scroll. A moonstone charm 1 paper pentacle. A organza bag to hold the ingredients in. Plus receive my very useful Witchy diet tips list. FREE with this spell kit. Blessed Be! Please note: I am also required to state by law that magical items are sold for entertainment purposes only.

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