Manifestation Spell

Manifestation Spell

Manifestation spell: Thoughts can change a person’s life directly, that what you think literally becomes reality.

But while manifesting is about turning your dreams into reality, what some people miss is that it requires you to take concrete actions toward the thing you want,

For example you cannot think your crush into asking you to be your girlfriend (probably over text) and it actually works that is not manifesting. I don’t want to spread the belief that if you sit and think good thoughts all the time, everything you want happens.

Manifestation spell | Spell manifest 

Manifestation spell
Manifestation spell

Once you’re crystal-clear on your intention, you’ll need to implement those actions. Let’s say your intention is to meet the love of your life. First, develop a picture of the person of your dreams — the more specific, the better.

Then, ask yourself: In addition to putting your intention to be with this type of person out into the world, what kind of actions can you take to bring yourself closer to them? If you dream about an adventure buddy, take an adventure.

If you’re deepest wish if to have a super-kind partner, start being kinder, and stop hanging out with unkind people. Date, and also work on opening yourself up to love.

So what does a true manifestation practice look like? First, you form a very clear, specific goal and outcome. You have to be very clear with our intention. The more specific we can be, the easier it is to make something happen

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