LGBT Couples Counseling Online

LGBT Couples Counseling Online

LGBT couples counseling online: Am one of only two online therapy services that caters primarily to marginalized people.

I primarily focus on serving LGBTQIA+ adults but welcome non-LGBTQIA+ clients as well—which is important, considering that many go through a period of questioning before identifying as part of the community.

Communication Methods

Sessions can be held at your convenience via chat, audio, and video calls, and can be conducted on a laptop or via the company’s mobile app.

I also include unlimited messaging to me, I will respond at least once per business day. This is an advantage over services that allow you to message asynchronously but do not assure clients that they will receive responses between appointments.

Why We Chose It

Am a solid choice for LGBTQIA+ people in need of couples/relationship therapy or coaching. While not quite as affordable as other websites that provide this service, most of our respondents were still able to receive quality services.

Final Verdict

If you identify as LGBTQIA+ and are seeking therapy, there are many online services to choose from, but not all are appropriate for your particular needs as a client.

A great overall option is me due to my focus on the community. A good choice; although a bit more expensive, am diverse and i specialize in marginalized identities. For couples or group therapy and Circles are both good options.

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So you're struggling in life and can't figure out what to do. Regardless of what your answer is to this question, am here to help you through it all.

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