La Sirene Voodoo

La Sirene Voodoo

La sirene voodoo: Water dominates Haitian life, and so it is no wonder that there are many religious beliefs centered on it. The Lord of the Water is Agwé, and his consort is la Sirène.

La Sirène is shown as a beautiful woman with a fish’s tail for legs. She holds a mirror, a portal between our mundane world and the mystical realm. Because she lives at the border (between the ordinary and the magical, between the world of land and the world of the ocean), la Sirène is the keeper of occult wisdom.

As her name suggests, she also has the most beautiful voice of all the loa — she is known as the Queen of the Choir. And her musical connection does not stop there, she owns a golden trumpet. If you should have the good luck of discovering it, you will live a life of wealth.

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Her image is said to bring good luck, particularly for sailors, and it is used in many contexts: in the home, on ships, and at lottery drawings.

But despite all of these positive associations, there is good reason to fear her, as well. If practitioners fail to worship her reverently or pay debts to her, she will use her physical and vocal beauty to lure them to an early grave. She is also said to kidnap babies to raise them in her underwater lair.

As we can see, la Sirène is a complicated goddess. She makes for a great ally and a terrifying enemy. Perhaps that is why she is given so much reverence and worship in Vodou ceremonies.

Because she is so popular, she has been given many, many specific features. For instance: her number is 7, she prefers champagne, her bird is the dove, her favorite offerings include cigarettes, seashells, desserts, and perfumes.

La Sirène adds so much depth and lore to our understanding of mermaids, and here we only present a brief introduction to her. She represents one of the most comprehensive and well recorded images of a water spirit and mermaid you are likely to find. What’s more, she presents mermaid lovers with a gateway into understanding one of the great spiritual traditions of humanity.

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