haunted callie doll

haunted callie doll

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Haunted callie doll | Haunted callie calamari doll 


Soft body. Hands, feet, head and hair are a hard and softer plastic. Head is hollow. This allows for a more eerie sound effect and the eyes “hauntingly” not there. Like the dolls from the 60’s and 70’s, only much more creepy. Also, there is “music” that plays along with the voice.

Haunted callie calamari doll is perfect for your decor! Mournful Forgotten Doll is a small baby doll with a cracked aged face. She has several different sayings when you push the Press Here button on her chest. Great addition to your haunted scene!

Callie doll that is haunted, will work on someone if you truly believe in it. The doll works by loyalty and can pick up any negative or doubtful vibes. You must focus and trust it 100% Use with great caution. You have been warned.

So, dolls were already quite terrifying. They have those dead, soulless eyes that stare blankly at you. They look eerily like a real human, but they’re still just a bit… off.

Then, the Child’s Play movies planted the idea that a doll could contain the soul of a blood-thirsty murderer! That takes dolls to a whole new level of creepy. Product Details This doll is a perfect recreation of the terrifying doll from the horror films. The truly disturbing part of this Chucky doll is the face.

A wide-eyed stare the just emanates a murderous intent. Just beneath that devious smile is a hunger for destruction. That red haircut is just the cherry on top of this doll. It comes in a collectible box and makes for a great display piece (provided that you want to be creeped out every time you take a look at it). Add to Your Collection. You can place it on your shelf or take it with you as the ultimate horror accessory for your cosplay outfit. – Doll

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