Hair Spells

Hair Spells

Hair Spells: Your hair is a reflection of the energetic and magnetic flows of your body. When beautiful and healthy, is a symbol of beauty and femininity to women.

You will rarely see a genuine witch with a terrible hair and women with extraordinary long and luxurious locks are natural born witches (even if they don’t know yet).

If you are tired and frustrated because your hair doesn’t grow naturally, you are a perfect candidate for this magical ritual. Your problem can easily be fixed with the help of my hair spell to give it strength and impressive accelerated growth.

The ritual will also help with shedding and scalp conditions that need healing.

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When will the hair spell manifest? The results are fast, but gradual and different on a person to person basis. The positive outcome may take between 10 days to 6-8 weeks. If your hair. Large amounts of hair growth can take a few months to manifest.

I will have your spell completed within 3 days from when you place your order and I will contact you once complete to let you know how my ritual went. If I sense something special, I will send you an update about any specific energies that were felt during the ritual.

Always remember that my rituals cause no harm to anyone involved.

Please note nothing physical will be shipped to your home address.

1. Flaxseed Hair Growth Spell

This enchanting potion is super easy to put together and only requires a few herbs and oils. Start by washing your hair normally and brushing it 100 times.

Mix together one egg, flaxseed oil, lemon juice, coriander, and lavender oil then rub it into your entire head. Leave it on for an hour with a plastic bag over your head.

Lemon juice and lavender are the key growth ingredients as lemon helps balance the pH levels in your scalp while lavender increases circulation to your hair follicles. Magic, indeed.

2. Yogurt Hair Growth Spell

This ritual requires natural yogurt, one teaspoon of sunflower oil, a lock of your hair, melon, and a white candle. This should be performed at night and includes the incantation, “Decorate my beautiful hair with your powerful splendor and bring me the exquisite flow of a natural torrent.”

First things first, light the candle (with matches, not a lighter) and add your strand of hair to a glass bowl along with four scoops of

Speak the chant, pour the rest of the ingredients in, and apply it to your scalp. This should be done before a wash. Be sure to lather with natural products onlyafterward.

3. Luscious Locks Spell

Perform this spell daily and you could potentially see results after just five to seven days! All you’ll need is one cup of olive oil, one egg, two teaspoons of lavender water, and one lemon. It’s best to open this with a meditation to fully set your intentions.

After your meditation, start by mixing the lavender water, olive oil, and egg in a small bowl. Then squeeze the lemon (cut in half) into the mixture and recite the chant, “This hair of mine is poor, not fine. I make it glow with beauty divine. This hair of mine will dance and shine.”

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