Does My Ex Want Me Back

Does My Ex Want Me Back

Does my ex want me back: When a relationship ends, you may go through a lot of pain. A breakup can cause a mix of emotions like anger, grief, feeling of betrayal, and confusion.

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While it is hard to forget the past and move on, what if you notice signs your ex wants you back? How can you know if your ex misses you? They may drop a text, ask you for some help, or also make an attempt to stay in touch. But how can you know for sure if they want you back in their life?

How do I know if my ex still has feelings for me?

Top Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings for You

  1. They Try to Know About You from Your Mutual Friends. …
  2. They Haven’t Removed You from Their Social Media. …
  3. They Still Get Jealous. …
  4. They Keep Talking About the Past. …
  5. They Keep Inviting You Out. …
  6. They Want to Know About Your Love Life. …
  7. They are Far away from Following the No-Contact Rule.
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Sangoma Mudda

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