Confidence Potion

Confidence Potion

Confidence potion: You’ll experience a boost in confidence, self-trust, clarity and alignment within a few days and within weeks you’ll notice yourself being changed. This potion functions as a glamour and a reinforcer. Drink it in the morning.

What You Need:

Black Tea (Breakfast tea is ideal)
Brown sugar
Milk (optional, so optional, I don’t use it)

What You Do:

Put your tea, a small pinch of nutmeg, a larger pinch of cinnamon into a cup and a spoonful of brown sugar into your cup. Steep the tea for one to two minutes (the time can be adjusted to taste).

Once the tea has been removed stir stir 7 times in a clockwise direction, and focus on drawing confidence to yourself and the attributes of yourself that you have confidence in. Sit somewhere nice and enjoy!

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~A Spell to aid in Communication~

Dried roses – Friendship, protection, peace, calm
Dried mint – Clarity, calm, luck
Cinnamon stick – Strength, courage, confidence, a spell booster
Tea strainer (optional)

How to:

Heat up your water on the stove and put in the roses and mint (or if using a strainer, put the herbs in the strainer once the water boils) to make a tea.

While you let it steep, visualize what you wish to accomplish, in this case, better communication skills. If you have a specific goal in mind, visualize that going well, such as acing your speech, or coming out to your parents etc.

Once it cools a bit, stir the mixture with the cinnamon stick while visualizing the mixture glowing a bright gold. Imagine it filling up with the powers to aid you in communicating.

Strain the mixture and dab a little bit of it onto your lips before setting out to do the thing.

You can charm your chapstick or lipstick with the mixture, just dab a bit on the tube and let it soak up the energies (careful not to immerse it in the water, you don’t want soggy chapstick/lipstick!)

You can carry a bit on you too, in a vial necklace or a tiny bottle, and dab some more on your lips or just kiss the bottle when you need a boost.

All of these herbs are safe to ingest, so you could even drink it if you want to, while meditating on your goal, though I imagine it wouldn’t taste very good..

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